Your Partner in Hyperbaric Technology


As previous professional divers and mine divers in the German Navy, we build our systems focussing on the practical needs of the user whose point of view, rather than theoretical considerations, forms the basis of all our developments and solutions.


  • decompression chambers
  • wet bells
  • mixgas panels
  • control stations for surface supplied diving
  • breathing air compressors and filling panels
  • gas analysis for O2, CO2, CO, He, pressure, humidity and temperature

Shown in the pictures above is the ergonomic controlpanel of the HYPEROXY 2000, which is optimized for installation in a 20" sea container. The equipment of the chamber is variable, the client can choose between seats and benches, whereas the back of the bench can be folded down, making it possible to handle two lying patients on one side of the mainchamber at the same time.